Aegis Preservation Products are a comprehensive industrial equipment storage product line that helps maintain asset value through preservation integrity. Our products are fit for storage purposes. We offer soft preservation products with an industrial approach, as well as monitoring solutions for both local and remote applications.

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Value Engineered Solutions

· Cost-effective outdoor storage of assets in a controlled long-term preservation environment

· Severe outdoor environments up to hurricane conditions

· Incremental and modular application to fit schedules

· Low-cost installation with no hot work, cranes, or high-cost specialist labor

· Quick non-destructive inspections to mitigate impact of preservation damage and consequential risks

· Engineered for meeting load, environmental, corrosion chemistry, application, and value pricing requirements

· No yard or warehouse electric utility hook-ups needed


Product Families

· Dry-Foot™ Reuseable Steel and FRP Pallet Products

· Aegis Reusable Soft Preservation Products

· Aegis Reusable Rigid Preservation Products

· Corrosion Canary™ and Preservation Canary™ Performance Monitoring Products

· Corrosion Canary™ and Preservation Canary™ Coupons


Support and Technical Services

· General Purpose Product Supply

· OEM Specific Product Supply

· Preservation Product Application

· Quality Specification Assistance

· Competency Training