Product Release: Flange Sock

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Flange Sock

The Aegis Flange Sock is a storage cap that allows oil and gas or other industrial-use equipment to be internally preserved by isolating the internals from the humid and corrosive outside atmosphere.

This innovative storage solution provides a positive encapsulation and seal around the hub or flange (API and ANSI from 2” to 12”). It utilizes a removable clear window, allowing for non-intrusive inspection of flange faces, as well as installed corrosion/ preservation performance indicators. The removable clear window allows for quick and efficient replacement of preservation consumables

Aegis Preservation Products are designed to reduce customer operating costs while reducing risk of asset loss due to inadequate corrosion protection.

Aegis Preservation Products are manufactured by Additive Solutions, LLC. For additional information, please contact our main office at 281-769-2100 or Toll-free 877-220-7413.

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