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Clima Cartridge - Blue 02

Aegis Clima-Cartridges

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Fighting Contamination from the Outside
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Features List

Managing the Interior with Absorbents

Humidity Levels (Desiccants)
Oxygen - Ferrous Absorbers
CO2 - Molecular Sieves
Chloride/Sulfide - Copper Absorbers

Size and Weights
Affected by

Maintenance Intervals
Volume & Surface Area Effect
Humidity Absorption Rate
Chemical Absorption Rate
Outside Air Leakage Rate  

Aegis Clima-Cartridges

EZ Maintained Vapor Absorbers for Humidity, O2, CO2, CI, S
50mm to 400mm Diameter
25mm to 1800mm Length
Preservative loads up to 20kg

Environmental control methods for stored materials and equipment typically use active or passive methods to manage humidity and contaminant gases (natural or manmade). Active methods (such as dehumidifiers and gas scrubbers) typically are used by indoor storage containers and passive methods (such as desiccant pouches, specialty coated films or papers) are typically used in shipping applications. Additive Solutions Clima-Cartridges, while specifically designed for longer term storage applications for indoor and outdoor use, can also be used for shipping applications with indeterminate hold points for inspection.

Consider the different Aegis Clima-Cartridges for your storage environment atmospheric control (environmentally inert) uses:

  • Humidity Vapor Control (Indicating non-cobalt chloride desiccants)
  • Oxygen Gas Control ( Ferrous pellets)
  • Carbon Dioxide Gas Control (Molecular Sieve pellets)
  • Sulfide&Chloride (e.g. H2S Chlorine pollutants) Gas Control (Copper coated fiber, foam core wound)

Cartridge sizes and lengths have wide ranges of material load capacities and can be used in a wide variety of situations. The cartridges are designed for industrial storage durations and minimal maintenance handling, without the costs and problems associated with short-term desiccant pouches, foams, or specialty films.


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