Aegis Preservation Product Release: Dry-Foot™ Pallet

Aegis Preservation Dry-Foot™ PalletAegis Preservation announces the release of their Dry-Foot™ Pallets, a product that is the foundation for cost-effective indoor-outdoor storage of assets within self-contained preservation environments.

Dry-Foot™ Pallets are available in standard sizes (4’, 6’, and 8’) with load ratings from 5 Tons to 80 Tons. Dry-Foot™ Pallets are designed to ASCE and AWS standards, and feature integral drain pads that protect assets from standing water and galvanic corrosion.

Dry-Foot™ Pallets are also available in specific equipment asset configurations (e.g. BOP Dual Ram Bonnets Storage). It serves to provide ease of handling, improved asset preservation, and reduced costs of preserving high-valued assets over their life cycle.

Click to download the Dry-Foot™ Pallet brochure. View our complete line of preservation products.

Aegis Preservation Products are manufactured by Additive Solutions, LLC. For additional information, please contact our main office at 281-769-2100 or Toll-free 877-220-7413.

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