About Us


Aegis Managed Storage Solutions have been developed by Additive Solutions to fill the need for innovative facility storage solutions that provide for maximizing useable storage area within the facility footprint while reducing risk of stored asset decay.

Aegis Managed Storage Solutions Product Line:

  • Micro-warehouse Soft-Sided Storage Units - Forklift transportable storage units with dynamic loads up to 80 Tons
  • Storage Tattletales - Atmospheric environment indicators for Humidity and Corrosion issues
  • Storage Preservation Cartridges - Large format humidity, oxygen, CO2, and industrial pollutant vapors and gases

Additive Solutions is proud to offer Aegis Managed Storage Solution Products as the market leading source for distributed storage  facility storage and operations planning over 90 days to 5 years.

To learn more about us, contact Aegis Preservation directly. Or, view our Products and Resources page to learn more about our preservation solutions.