About Us


The Aegis Controlled Environment Storage Solutions Product Line has been developed by Additive Solutions.

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions for facilities facing challenges in maintaining operations critical materials and equipment while facing storage space constraints.

We strive to provide solid, long-term, and cost effective products to allow our customers to carve out controlled environment storage spaces out of there existing facility spaces.

Aegis Managed Storage Solutions Product Line:

  • Microwarehouse Storage Units - Forklift transportable, soft-sided controlled environment storage units with dynamic loads up to 80 Tons
  • Flange-Socks - Fully sealed end protection for pipe and flanged equipment with removable transparent maintenance access caps
  • Smart-Sacks - Hard-based, self-draining transparent sacks for miscellaneous storage and secondary containment use
  • Preservation and Corrosion Canaries - Storage environment indicators of humidity conditions and presence of corrosion, swelling, and hardening of various materials
  • Clima-Cartridges - Large format humidity, oxygen, CO2, and industrial pollutant vapors and gas absorbers for storage spaces
  • Clima-Controllers - Recirculating storage environment scrubbers to reduce humidity levels to <2%RH and scrub storage atmospheres with Clima-Cartridge oxygen, CO2, and industrial pollutant gas absorbers

Additive Solutions is proud to offer Aegis Controlled Environment Storage Solution Products as the source for cost-effective and flexible storage, handling, and environment control products supporting quality managed storage operations.

To learn more about us, contact Additive Solutions directly, through our authorized representatives on the Sales page, Or, view our Products page to learn more about our controlled environment storage, handling, and quality inspection solutions.