Aegis Microwarehouses

Indoor/Outdoor Portable Controlled Environment Storage

Carving out controlled storage environments from your existing  facility environment!

Aegis Storage Environment Telltales

Your Canary in the Coalmine

Aegis Flange-Sock

Protecting the Inside from the Outside

Aegis Clima-Cartridges

Controlling the Storage Space Environment

Aegis Smart-Sacks

Individualized Controlled Environment Storage


Individual Controlled Environment Storage

  • Transparent - Non-intrusive inspection 
  • Dry-Foot™ Base (self-draining w/check-valve)
  • Testable after sealing
  •  18" to 48" Diameters
  •  Sleeve lengths up to 96"
  • Easy sleeve replacement


Fit Where Needed
Move When Needed

  • Store “Outside” (w/ optional cover)
  • Larger Footprint in Same Site
  • Expand while Building
  • Expand by $K’s vs $M’s
  • Flexible Logistics

Aegis Clima-Cartridge

Control the Storage Atmosphere
Control the Storage Risk

  • EZ Maintained Vapor Absorbers for:
    Humidity, O2, CO2, Chlorine, H2S
  • 50mm to 400mm Diameter
  • 25mm to 1800mm Length
  • Preservative loads up to 20kg

Aegis Sock Flanges

Isolate the Inside from the Outside

  • Slide it Over (Drain Down)
  • Snap it On
  • Tie-wrap it
  • Attach the Inspection Cap

Aegis Corrosion and Preservation Canary

Inspection Tools for Auditing Quality Managed Storage Spaces

The low-cost choice for environmental telltales

  • Easy to access, Easy to Use, Simple to understand
  • Early Indication of Humidity Control Problems
  • Early Indication of Metallic Corrosion
  • Early Indication of Polymer/Elastomer Changes


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