Micro Warehousing

Indoor/Outdoor Portability

Fit Where Needed
Move When Needed


Your Canary in the Coalmine

Flange Sock

Protecting the Whole Flange 
Capping the Whole Manifold

Clima Cartridges

Preserving Your Goods and Lowering Storage Risk

Micro Warehouse

Fit Where Needed
Move When Needed

  • Store “Outside” (Protected)
  • Larger Footprint in Same Site
  • Expand while Building
  • Expand by $K’s vs $M’s
  • Flexible Logistics

Aegis Clima-Cartridge

Control the Atmosphere, Control the Risk

  • EZ Maintained Vapor Absorbers for Humidity, O2, CO2, CI, S
  • EZ Install/Inspect VCI Emitters
  • 50mm to 400mm Diameter
  • 25mm to 1800mm Length
  • Preservative loads up to 20kg

Aegis Sock Flanges

Isolate the Inside from the Outside

  • Get Your Flange Sock
  • Slide it On (Drain Down)
  • Snap it Over
  • Tie-wrap it
  • Get the Clear Inspection Cap

Aegis Corrosion and Preservation Canary

Reduce Storage Surprises

The low-cost choice

  • Easy to access, Easy to Use, Simple to understand
  • Early Indication of Humidity Control Problems
  • Early Indication of Metallic Corrosion
  • Early Indication of Polymer/Elastomer Changes


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