About Us


Aegis Preservation Products and Services have been developed by Additive Solutions to fill a broad customer need to store high-valued assets at the lowest cost and risk of asset degradation.

Additive Solutions continuously strives to ensure all product and service offerings support:

  • Reducing customer facility capital and operating expenses associated with  indoor and outdoor equipment storage
  • Reducing risk of corrosion related losses and related unanticipated warranty expense
  • Reducing risk of unanticipated environmental contamination from stored equipment
  • Reducing labor headcount requirements for inspecting and preservation maintenance of stored equipment
  • Improving safety in storage and preservation activities through improved condition awareness

Additive Solutions’ technical and operational experience base in high-valued equipment design, manufacture, and service provides a basis for understanding customers dynamic needs in warehousing and storage.

Additive Solutions is proud to offer Aegis Preservation Products as the market leading source for cost effective and reusable products that support flexible facility planning over 90 days to 5 years.

To learn more about us, contact Aegis Preservation directly. Or, view our Products and Resources page to learn more about our preservation solutions.